(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
1. receptacle, recipient, receiver; compartment, cell, follicle, hole, corner, niche, recess, nook, crypt, booth, stall, pigeonhole, cubbyhole, cove, bay, alcove. See building, interment, furniture.
2. (flexible container) capsule, vesicle, cyst, pod, calyx, utricle, arc; blister. See covering.
3. (bodily container) stomach, abdomen, paunch, ventricle, crop, craw, maw, gizzard, mouth, gullet, sac, bladder.
4. (carrying case) pocket, pouch, fob, sheath, scabbard, socket, folder, bag, sack, purse, reticule, wallet, tote bag, portfolio, pocketbook, evening bag, clutch, scrip, poke; carryall, holdall, carry-on bag, flight bag, garment bag, grip[sack], gunny sack; case, knapsack, rucksack, musette bag, backpack, packsack, bindle, boot, bridget, tucker bag, gamebag, shoulder bag, haversack, club bag, kit bag, carpetbag, kit, briefcase, attaché case, valise, fanny pack, cosmetic bag, housewife, disco bag; impedimenta, luggage, baggage, barracks bag, suitcase, overnight case, traveling bag or case, pullman case, trunk, Saratoga trunk, wardrobe [trunk]; Dorothy bag, Boston bag, Gladstone bag; handbag, Bermuda bag, portmanteau, satchel, bandbox, hat box, ditty bag, gym bag, toilet kit, vanity bag; etui, reticule; quiver, golf or caddie bag; duffel bag, schoolbag, seabag; saddlebag, alforja, aparejo; monstrance, ostensorium. Informal, grip. Slang, kick, coffee-bag, hussy, hide, mouse.
5. (boxlike container) chest, box, carton, coffer, caddy, case, casket, caisson, lockbox, safe, bandbox, cage, manger, rack, snuffbox, vanity case, cedar chest, [foot]locker, lunchpail, vasculum.
6. (open container) vessel, bushel, barrel, kilderkin, kibble, canister, ginger jar, krater, basket, corbeil, dosser, frail, mocock, punnet, skep, trug, pannier, hopper, creel, crate, cradle, bassinet, hamper, tray, hod, scuttle, utensil, carrier, billycan, Tupperware, pot (see food).Slang, chillum.
7. (container for liquid) vat, caldron, tank, olla, cistern, washstand, font; cask, puncheon, keg, rundlet, tun, butt, botta bag; firkin, jemcan; carboy, amphora, gallipot; bottle, jar, potiche, decanter, pitcher, ewer, cruse, vase, carafe, crock, magnum, jeroboam, rehoboam, demijohn, flask, breaker, stoup, jigger, noggin, pony; vial, phial, flacon, canteen; cruet; urn, tub, bucket, pail, lota; pot, pipkin, pan, jug, pitcher, mug; retort, alembic, test tube; tin, can, cannikin, kettle, bowl, basin, punchbowl, cup, goblet, chalice, tumbler, glass, flagon, tankard, stoup; saucepan, skillet, tureen; vacuum bottle or jug, thermos; chamber pot. Slang, piggin, puppy, gash-bucket, glory hole, mingo, growler.
8. (flat container) plate, platter, dish, trencher, porringer, saucer, crucible.
9. (spoonlike container) shovel, trowel, spoon, spatula, ladle, dipper, scoop.
10. (furniture) closet, garderobe, commode, cupboard, cellaret, locker, chiffonier, bin, bunker, buffet, press, safe, showcase, whatnot, sideboard, desk, dresser, bureau, wardrobe, secretary, till, bookcase, cabinet, console.
11. (room) chamber, apartment, room, cabin, office, court, hall; suite, flat, salon, parlor; dining, living, waiting, sitting, or drawing room; antechamber; stateroom; gallery, pew, box; boudoir, sanctum, bedroom, dormitory, refectory, playroom, nursery, schoolroom, library, study, studio; bathroom, lavatory, smoking room, den, lounge; rumpus room. See abode.
12. (storage room) attic, loft, garret; cellar, basement, vault, hold; cockpit; kitchen, pantry, scullery, buttery; storeroom; dairy; laundry, bathroom, lavatory, outhouse; penthouse; lean-to, garage, hangar, shed, toolhouse, roundhouse.
13. (covered room) portico, porch, verandah, lobby, court, hall, vestibule, foyer, corridor, passage.
14. (container for plants) conservatory, greenhouse, summerhouse, hothouse, alcove, grotto, arbor, bower; hermitage.
15. (open area) plaza, forum, piazza, place; market[place], agora; court[yard], square, quadrangle, campo.
16. (transporting vehicle) carryall, bus, coach; delivery or trailer truck, dray, dump truck, flatbed, garbage truck, moving van, pantechnicon; baggage car, coal car, boxcar, stock car, gondola, dump car, flatcar, platform car, produce or refrigerator car, tender car, rack car, freight car, hopper car; Dumpster. Slang, crate, jimmy, reefer. See transportation, vehicle.reception
n. admission, admittance, entrée, entrance; importation; introduction, taking; party, affair.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. box, wastebasket, holder, repository; see container .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
holder, container, vessel, repository, box, basket, bin, bag.

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